just me, the moon and the sun


I woke up to the most beautiful moon and sunrise this morning and the first thing I did was just to, grab my camera and phone and then put on my jacket and go outside to enjoy the beautiful view. I also wanted to see if I could capture it as well. I feel at peace looking at the moon, the colors of the sky, the sunrise or sunsets. It is just so beautiful, peaceful and I feel recharged and cleansed. It’s a beautiful feeling…

Also while we are at it, let me give you guys a life update: I’m still at my parents place. My dad is getting better and I’m trying to get back to work and into some healthy routines.

I’m trying to embrace the small things and focus on the positive and I’m taking it slow day by day. Beside visiting dad, I have been working from home. I might start at the office next week but let’s see.

I’m grateful that dad is getting better and I feel so relieved. It is truly inspiring to see how strong both my mom and dad has been during this period of time.

But yeah most of the time I’m actually just spending time with my family and it has been feeling like the right thing to do. And now I slowly feel like I have to get back to my daily routines as work, workout, hobbies etc. again now that dad it feeling better and better <3


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