Letting my skin breathe

Hi guys!
Since it is lock-down, nothing much has been up lately. I’m really trying to listen to myself and giving myself a break from life and letting myself breathe. I also took a little break from wearing makeup and testing makeup so my skin could get a break as well and it was exactly what my skin needed. I think because of stress my skin started reacting a little and also because of sleep but it’s getting okay again.
Life is okay at the moment. I’m trying to reflect on 2020 and mentally preparing myself for a new year. I actually thought we would start 2021 with no COVID at all but I guess I was wrong :P Anyways life is fine, I’m chillin at my parents’s place and trying to be productive while also giving myself time to relax! :) I hope you are all enjoying the last few days of 2020 as much as you can as well <3 Take Care <3


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