Fun project event at work: Kin Kin Bao Bao, Mini golf and NOHO Kødbyen

A few months ago I went to a project event with my colleagues. The colleagues from Poland came to Denmark so we could all work together and then some from the team arranged an event. So we went out to play mini golf at Camping in Copenhagen, which was fun!

We then went out to eat at Kin Kin Bao Bao. I’ve never been there before but the food was delicious and fancy compared to what I usually go for :P But I enjoyed the food. It had an interesting mix of asian and western combination. It kinda reminded be a little bit of Keyser Social. Just a little bit.

After dinner we went out to get drinks at NOHO in Kødbyen. It’s probably one of my favorite places to go cause the music is good for the most part, the vibe is nice, drinks are good and also it looks beautiful inside :P


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