The other day went out to eat at Oasia. It was my first time trying out the restaurant. The concept was different compared to what I’ve tried before. So we choose what we want in our sushi and what starters we want, and then they actually make different variety of sushi with what we have chosen. I love the concept cause then you don’t know exactly what you are going to get and in that way it will be a surprise and a new experience every time. And then we can keep on order sushi and they will make different ones again and again.

Interior/Vibe/Atmosphere: 5/5: I loved how the restaurant was decorated/furnished

Service: 5/5: They were kind, talkative and positive

Food: 4/5: I love the concept but let’s say you choose “ebi” and “salmon”; then you never really know how much you are going to get of each kind. For instance on our second round we got a lot salmon sushis than ebi sushis, and two of us really prefer the ebi sushis than salmon. I can’t figure out if I like that or not; like it’s nice to try something new and explorer but I also love just getting what I prefer; in this situation ebi instead of salmon :) But still: the sushis were delicious! No doubt!


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