Show you how little I care

Hi guys!
I thought it is time for a “short” life update and a beauty look today. I’m still working on catching up on all my blogposts and youtube videos and it has been a challenge to get a proper balance between work, social life and blog and youtube and also some me-time beside that (you know taking care of myself physically and mentally: with workout, healthy diet, mindfulness, meditation etc.). So this was kinda just an intro for my warning: I really want to catch up on all youtube and blogging content before 2021. This means I have about two months to catch up so I can start on a clean slate with content from January 2021. This means there is going to be a lot of updates and I really hope it’s okay with you guys. I’ll also try to see if some of it can just be thrown away but I’ve spend time and energy on photos, videos and everything so I would love to post and share it. Also then I have a “progress” of what I’ve been up to with my blogging and video “skills” :P

So that was my warning. Now let’s talk about life: Well due to COVID, nothing has happened or changed in my life beside I just got tested yesterday because I was feeling sick and I got my result today which luckily was negativ so I’m all good. I usually do get sick around this time when the weather changes, but you know I really want to be sure I’m all good so yeah beside not feeling that well; life is good. I’m working a lot on myself and doing a lot of inner work that I would love to share with you guys some time. I feel really blessed for where I am at life right now and I’m trying my best to make the best out of it and embrace everything I’ve got. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it is that everything is temporary so we might as well just make the best out of what we have right now, this moment. Yeah I know that was kinda deep :P Now let’s talk about my look:

I’m wearing my MAC foundation in NC44, MAC concealer in NC44 and Powder in NC44! :P Beside that I’m wearing the Morphe setting spray, my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kid in medium-dark 2, my favorite Clinique Mascara (love this one!!) and I’ve got NYX cosmetics on my lips:


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