life lately.

Hey guys!
Time for a life update. Life is good. I’m focusing on work and my mental health lately. I’ve been more social than I usually am so I think I want to take some time for myself again. I do have a few plans, but I don’t want to make more plans than I already have, so I can focus on my wellbeing. I’m trying to eat healthier. That doesn’t mean I dont eat junk or chocolate BUT I’m trying eat less of that :P

I’m also working out and catching up with friends. I feel more and more settled over here, but I still feel like I need some more work-life-balance. I want to have some better healthier routines where I go to work and I work 8-16 and after that; no work. And focus on the blog and workout etc. But yeah it’s not easy.

Sometimes I feel like getting my life together is overwhelming; being healthy, working out, doing good at my job, taking care of my wellbeing and mental health and also being social and taking care of my relationships, and then read a book, clean the apartment, make sure the finances are all good… it gets overwhelming sometimes.. the list is soooo long.. like i get home from work or a social event and then I’m done. Exhausted.

I’m trying to tell myself that everything doesn’t need to perfect, I just need to keep trying and I dont have to be so hard on myself, cause the key is to enjoy it all; the small things: cleaning, reading, working, blogging, wellbeing etc. I’m trying to tell myself that I dont need to rush, I just need to enjoy the process and then I get the most important things done and the rest will have to wait. It’s okay; We dont have to get everything together at once. I think you all can relate to this pressure of having everything figured out and getting everything together: fitness goals, career, family, friends, relationship, finances, personal hobbies, cleaning, apartment, taking care of yourself and your loved ones…

The good thing is that I’m motivated and excited for life and to get things together in my own phase and that I’m aware of enjoying the process and the small things :) <3

My life in pictures:


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