Cruella & Pie

Hi guys!
A few weeks ago I was chillin’ watching Cruella and eating pie and drinking green tea. The movie was amazing. I haven’t actually watched it until now. My friend recommended it when I told her that I haven’t watched it. I realized there are so many movies and series that I haven’t watched that I really want to catch up on :P At the same time I do feel guilty for not being productive when I start watching some movie or series. So usually I don’t always enjoy it 100 % but this movie and this day was just really cosy. I was very present and enjoyed my time for myself with tea, pie and a this really good movie (the pie wasn’t my cup of tea btw :P but the movie on the other hand was my cup of tea! Loved it!)
Anyways I just wanted to share this random moment because I really enjoyed this day. I got to relax, be present and enjoy the movie and it doesn’t really happen that often :P And if you haven’t watched this movie yet; I will definitely recommend it! :)


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