Life at the moment

Hi guys!
Time for some life update. Lately I’ve been taking things slow; Meditating, journaling, listening to affirmations and audiobooks, making green juices, enjoying the sun (when it’s there. The weather in DK has some serious mood swings at the moment). I’ve been sitting out on the balcony lately, reading magazines. It has been giving me so much peace. I think just getting some vitamin D definitely helps on the mood and motivation. I’m just focusing on doing well at my job, working out and being more mindful and at peace with myself. There are of course some days that are better than others but that’s life. I don’t expect to be perfect and like be 110 % disciplined with my to-dos and goals. I’m trying to be kind towards myself and letting myself breathe and also giving myself space to enjoy the small things in life :) Now let me show you my life in pictures:


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