Den uendelige bro

Hello guys!
For some time ago we spontaneously decided to go to “Den Uendelige Bro” and just chill in Århus in general. We wanted to do something and it didnt really have to be anything big actually. We just wanted to like walk around, see something new and then we realized we haven’t seen “Den uendelige bro” in Århus (in english: “the infinite bridge”). It was a really good day! We decided to go see the bridge and we were just sitting there enjoying nature, the ocean and taking pictures and we talked about life, goals and random things that no one cares about :P Afterwards we went to our friends’s place for some snack and tea and right after we decided to go get some sushi for dinner. It was such a cosy relaxed day <3

So as for my outfit: the jacket is from ZARA, jeans are from Only, t-shirt and bag from Pieces and sneakers from Calvin Klein:


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