Soaking up Vienna’s cozy vibes

Last weekend was an amazing getaway to Vienna – a birthday present from Arthu, Thannu, and my boyfriend. I’m still not over the entire trip, which is why I’ve been spamming on Instagram. I love editing photos, and Vienna was so beautiful that I had to share a lot :P

The trip was pure magic and so cozy and also very cold. I wish I had been more prepared with clothing, but I ended up shopping for a new scarf and beanie because of the cold weather. Vienna is just magical in winter. The Christmas markets are amazing, the city is beautiful, and it was great to have a break like this. We didn’t plan anything until we arrived; the main plan was to visit the Christmas markets and explore, seeing where it took us.

I did end up planning the next day to make sure we got the most out of the trip and experienced as much as possible. Today, I want to share the beautiful city on our first day, where it was snowing – a breathtaking sight, even though visibility was challenging. We bought umbrellas, a first for me in snowy weather, but it helped. Vienna was enchanting, and let me show you why:


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