There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy

Hi guys!
Well… do you know that feeling like when being sick and you can barely do anything except for just lying in bed, THEN you think: fack… I’ve taken my life and my health for granted? So that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve got Influenza and been sick for like over 10 days and I’ve taken several COVID tests and got negative, just to be extra sure that this is not corona (I’m gonna take another test tomorrow btw :P). But yeah so as I’ve realized that I’m not as grateful as I could be for all the things I’ve got such as my health, food, sleep, bed and home; I have tried to do my best to just relax and appreciate whatever I have. Beside that I tried a little extra harder to eat healthier to take care of myself. I’ve been struggling with being healthy for the longest time. I have my times where I can be healthy but overall I’m not that healthy when it comes to food and I really want to change that so I can have a stronger immune system so that I dont get sick like this again ever :P Also I haven’t really been in like Christmas vibe this December as I usually do and it is so weird. I just cant feel the Christmas spirit and I’m trying really hard I feel like but it’s not helping much.
Let me show you life in pictures and food in pictures the last couple of weeks while being sick. Beside these shots I’ve actually just been working from home and lying in bed:


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