Fallin’ in love with Copenhagen

Hi guys!
Lately I’ve been walking around a lot to gather all of my thoughts and also just to enjoy the weather and I gotta admit I’m falling in love with Copenhagen more and more everday. I love that there is water everywhere I go here and the nature is so beautiful and oh my god the sunsets.. sooo beautiful! I feel so blessed when I look around… and I realize how beautiful life is and I also feel like I often take life for granted when I look around. At the moment I’m reflecting a lot and working a lot on myself… It’s actually a little exhausting at times… I’m trying to get to know myself better and understand myself.. I’m working on healing myself and doing some inner work… it’s a process and some days I’m doing well and other days not so well… But it’s a process and I gotta be patient with myself… When working on myself and healing myself I sometimes tend to forget what I have right now and how beautiful life is at this very moment.. but I think nature is helping me finding peace and taking it slow and appreciate life even though it can be tough sometimes…


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