Friday Reflection: Burned out?

Hi guys and happy friday!
It’s finally weekend and I really need this. This week has been tough! I don’t know like exactly how. I cant really figure it out but I’ve been feeling so exhausted, tired and sick too. I’ve felt really burned out this week. Colleagues from work and some of my friends have been tested positive so I was quite sure that I also got COVID since the lack of energy, tiredness and feeling sick. I got tested and it was negative so I’m all good.

But yeah I mean you can’t always be 110 % energetic and happy. It’s not like something bad has happened in my life or anything I just feel a lack of energy lately but I guess that is okay. I am working a lot on myself, on life and sometimes it takes a lot of my energy and I guess that is just the way it is. So I’m actually just trying to accept, that right now I’m not 100 % on top and that is okay. I just need to take things slowly until I feel energetic again and that is totally normal and human :P We are not robots that can just keep on going… also sometimes we just need to recharge so it is totally understandable. I’m tired of this pressure I put on myself to be productive, do things and always be on a high energetic vibe. I’m really practicing listening to my heart and also my body. I’m trying to be more aware of my health both physically and mentally. This means I haven’t done much beside working this week. I didn’t workout, I didn’t read, I didn’t eat healthy but I did sleep/rest a lot cause my body needed that. It feels good to take care of myself like this and really listen to myself. It feels new and healthy :P

I also think it’s because I’m scrolling through Instagram a lot and it is affecting me negatively yet again. When you see all this content about being “that girl” who got it all together, wakes up early, do yoga/workout, eats healthy, meditates, journal and have the perfect body and have the perfect apartment etc.; the pressure to live life exactly that way increases and then it doesn’t seem healthy. I mean that lifestyle is healthy and nice but sometimes you need a break and you need to rest and you need time and you need to be patient with yourself instead of rush through life and trying to get everything figured out and make everything look perfect. Not worth it.

In January I did all that: waking up early, yoga, green juice, meditation, journal, cleaning, work, and then workout again etc. and it made me happy and i felt really good and I will definitely work towards that lifestyle! I think my point is that at times I just don’t like or feel like having routines; I just wanna chill and breathe for a sec and get some perspective. I don’t wanna do all this because it’s trendy and everyone does it but I wanna live like that for me.

This post is all over the place now xD I think my point is that sometimes you don’t feel like doing the things you are supposed to or feel like because you are exhausted or overwhelmed and that is human and totally okay. Sometimes it’s good to step back and reflect and ask yourself: why am I doing this? how am I feeling right now and why? How do I want life to be and who do I want to become AND what do I need right now? For me because I’ve been physically exhausted and sick I needed to rest and do nothing. Take a break. I haven’t given up on my goals but I needed to rest. So yeah if you feel like you have burned out and on a low vibe, accept it and give yourself time so you can get up and work for your dreams and goals again. There is no rush. Take it easy and take care of yourself first <3


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