My Morning Skincare

Hi guys and good morning!! <3
I feel good today and thought I would share my today’s morning skincare right away xD I’m slowly feeling more and more motivated to create more content and be more creative and it feels so good! I’m using the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner from The Body Shop. This toner is a “soft” toner that removes all dirt from your skin and smells so good. There are toners that can be really harsh on your skin if you have sensitive skin. I don’t really have sensitive skin but I still prefer a more “soft” toner. For my eyes I’m using Time Stop Peptide Eye Cream that I got sent from YesStyle for free which I’ve been enjoying so much. My current moisturizer is a K-beauty product from the brand Belif that I bought from Sephora. This moisturizer feels so good on my skin. I love how thick and hydrating it is. This product is more on the expensive side compared to my toner for example but I would definitely buy this again. At last of course in this sunny weather we all need SPF. Okay we actually need to use SPF all year around but yeah :P So I’m using a SPF +50 from Sheseido. This one is for face and body and I’m using it for my face and whole body! I love this sunscreen. All the other sunscreen I’ve been using are very thick and some of them even have like a “ashy” tone to them because of my skintone. But this one does neither of those two things.


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