Sunday Vibes

Hi guys! <3
I’ve finally got time for some blogging. Work has been hectic and I have been feeling so exhausted lately and today I had an off day where I got to fool around with blogging stuff and guess what.. I already feel much better! :D
So I really enjoy my job, and I really wanna do good but I do feel like I need a more healthy balance so I don’t get too exhausted. The last few weeks have been extra hard, so I just ended up putting a lot of things on standby and just focused mostly on work. It’s not that work is hard, but my lack of sleep and lack of appetite to eat lately have made me struggle extra with work or just life actually.. you know I’m just exhausted in general. It has been more challenging to focus, stay positive and be strong when I dont get enough sleep and enough proper food. The whole combination has been really bad. I really needed to do nothing today. Nothing meaning: cleaning, doing laundry, doing blogging stuff (photography and editing), chilling and watching Friends and listening to music and singing along. That was pretty much my day today and I already feel ready for another week at work now after today! :D I woke up at 6 and I started my day and now it’s 20:20 and I’m gonna start my night routine so I can make sure to get enough sleep from now on. I’m gonna journal and meditate and then try to sleep early today!

I know I wrote no Netflix/HBO this month but I really needed something that made me laugh so I have been re-watching Friends just to lift up my mood. I’m not gonna start on any new series and I have only watched while eating and today I have watched more than just when eating since it’s Sunday so I think it’s good.
Next week’s challenge would be to get 8 hours of sleep everyday and to figure out how to get a proper sleep and then eat at least 2 fruits and 2 veggies everyday beside my October Goals which were; Less social media, less HBO/Netflix and workout 3-4 times a week.
Well I felt like sharing a status and just give you guys a random life-update with some pictures I took today:

I had to take some pictures of new outfit pieces and accessories so I ended up also taking pictures in my PJ :P I’m wearing Loreal True Match Foundation, Benefit Eyebrows, Becca blush and highlighter, Glossier highlighter, Dior setting spray aaaand I forgot what I am wearing on my lips :P
Anyways guys! That’s it for today! I will try to update a little bit more often. I have a whole Portugal-series coming up! I just need the time to write and post :P
Take care! <3


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