We’ve created an Etsy shop: Mycafe101Store

I’ve been wanting to have a business for the longest time and since I started mycafe101 which was in like 2014… yup 9 years ago; I knew that one day I would love to sell mugs and then selfcare wellness stuff and expand to much more. Mugs makes me feel comfortable and safe and cosy! I love the feeling and I love drinking tea and try out new flavors. I also do enjoy a hot chocolate or a cappuccino once in a while.

I’ve been scared to start it all up and give it a try cause I was scared of failing, but a few weeks ago I just decided to go for it; So I created an Etsy shop called Mycafe101Store where I started designing some mugs and I enjoyed it so much! It has been such a long time since I’ve been so excited for a project like this. I don’t know everything about small businesses etc. but I’m learning. I’m doing research, getting help and just trying to find my way around this; The first most important step was; to just get started! So that’s what I did; I simply just opened a shop and made some designs and experimented; This also means, this is only the beginning and I have so many more things I want to do, create and try out but I want to start simple. So please check out our Esty shop and feel free to order your own mugs! :)

This is a learning process for me, so if you guys have any suggestions or advice for starting a small business, feel free to write! I would love to know your feedback and advice :) <3

Click here to check out Mycafe101 Store


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