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Life update
Food: The Timeless Way to a Girl’s Heart
Ungrateful & guilty
Wedding Vibes
Wedding guest outfit
New in: Restocking and trying out new products
girls night out
The day after the bachelorette party
Pizza and catching up
CPH Fridaybar
RIP single life
Sunday Reset
Finally back to vlogging
Celebrating love
Getting God’s blessing for the wedding
Birthday Brunch for Thannu
Cake tasting at Bake My Day
Wedding Prep Status
Beauty deals at Magasin
a day in my life
Birthday Celebration at Toscana Restaurant
Restaurant Amager
Panayotis pt 2
Bows And Balloons Café
Dreams do come true
a chill valentines day
Current essentials
Hard Rock Café
The Wedding Dress Quest – Panayotis
The Wedding Dress Quest – TP Kjoler
Bryllupsmesse 2024
Beauty Obsessions: My Current Skincare Favorites
The Original Pita
Cycle Syncing: What It Means to Adjust to Your Menstrual Cycle
Wedding edition: Lesson Learned
Sticks ‘n’ Sushi
Beauty Favorites: My Current Picks
Life lately
So, we meet again, CPH
New Year Update
The welcome box – Ladybox
Easy fun workout routine at home
Starting 2024 with 5 quotes to live by
Goodbye 2023
Merry Christmas
Life Lately
Goodbye Vienna
Oliver’s Kitchen
Favorite MAC products
Zwischengang Cafe and Wein
Exploring Vienna
Yet another Christmas market
Uknown bar
Rathausplatz at night
Exploring Hofburg Palace
Kongens Nytorv – Shopping & Christmas Market
Get ready with me
St. Peter’s Church
Ramen to Biiru
Hofburg Palace
Hot chocolate at Radison Blu
Julehygge at Arthu’s place
Yet another Christmas market
Dinner at Leto
Finding love in Vienna’s streets
St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Christmas market at Rathaus in Vienna – Daylight
Soaking up Vienna’s cozy vibes
Fredericia Streetfood
Sunday Reset Routine
Getting into the Christmas spirit
Skincare routine
Cafe Magma
Smørrebrød with Tholi
No rain. No flowers
Beauty look
Great offers at Magasin: makeup & skincare
Project Event: Restaurant Mellemrum & Camping Aaen
Gifts for her
The Woman In Me
Fall Breeze and Cozy Vibes
Tivoli Friheden & Burger Boom
Gaijin Ramen
Amazon finds under 30$
10 things to do this fall
What I’ve been up to: Wisdom teeth removal, IBS and Gilmore Girls
My Temple Look & Product List
My current skincare essentials
Fall finds on Amazon
Free Tech Backgrounds October 2023
My 3 minute makeup look
Dinner at Thuva
Dinner at Nivi
Luxury In A Box – Happy Birthday Arthu
It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture – Home decor
Varnakavi Textiles
Keyser Social
Let’s slow down a bit
Den uendelige bro
Amma and Appa promoting our mugs
peaceful mind, grateful heart.
Everyday of your life is a special occasion
Espresso House
A simple celebration
You are your home
Cafe Velvet with Amma and Appa
We’ve created an Etsy shop: Mycafe101Store
Surprise picnic by Thami
Celebrating Tholi’s birthday
Friday vibe
a day in my life in Copenhagen
New in: Skincare, haircare & bodycare
Working on something exciting #sneakpeak-ish #mycafe101store
Cph weekend
life lately.
11 Amazon home decor finds
May Recap
My Sunday Reset Morning Routine
Stay close to people who feel like sunlight
Cafe Velvet
Full face traditional makeup look
i took amma’s saree part 2
Yutaka once again
In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks
Amazon Kitchen Finds WishList
Orlas Poolbar
Sightseeing with Thannu
Homemade sushi and movie night
Getting into routines again and getting my life together
Restaurant Cinco
i took Amma’s saree
Simple makeup look
Yuvan Concert 2023 – Oberhausen
Dinner at Yutaka and movie night
My current beauty essentials
Gulnaaz Fashion
Bangles from Mahaarani Luxe
Goodbye Cph
just me, the moon and the sun
Today’s beauty essentials
Current skincare products
It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture
February recap – Life lately
I pray
Back to Copenhagen: Work, Rainy days and Donuts
Work work work
3 easy ways to wear your Maang Tikka
Cafe Velvet
Goodbye 2022: healing from PTSD, stepping back from work and falling in love
A chill start on 2023
Happy New Year
JUHLs Spisehus
ME & MÊ,  just for you – Starting 2023 with spa and wellness
spending time with family
I tried paddle tennis
Temple day
Good company and good food
Fun project event at work: Kin Kin Bao Bao, Mini golf and NOHO Kødbyen
A chill day at Thuva’s place
30th birthday celebration: Spa, wellness and good food
Shopping in Århus and Espresso House
throwback to my birthday
current beauty essentials
catching up and… selfies
new hair and life
shopping and board game
rainy day and green juice
No risk. No story
Sunset at Malécon
Horseback riding in Vinales
Christmas Eve
Christmas morning – hot chocolate weather
Classic car tour in Havana
Havana Bus Tour
Caverns and Caves in Vinales
Havana: Moments from the hotel
Malmö w. friends
Nava Copenhagen
We are like a snowflake; all different in our own beautiful way
Winter Wonders
Korean BBQ kinda day
Hi December
i bought a light projector thing
Veni Vidi Amavi
eat. workout. sleep. repeat.
Cristo de La Habana
Plaza de la Revolucion
Appa’s birthday celebration at Bazaar
Ice cream is always a good idea
Accessories from & Other Stories
You’re the last one, so be the best one
Just let all the pretty light in the sky guide you home
Today’s beauty essentials
My current skincare essentials
Food and selfies
Havana by night
Old Havana
a random breakfast post (and selfies)
Social Club
Plaza de la Catedral
Life is better poolside
The greatest wealth is health
Breakfast – Havana Edition
Havana ooh na na
sunny weather, ice cream & balcony hygge
Church of Our Saviour
Chill weekend
Gefionspringvandet & Kastellet
Kongens have & Rosenborg slot
New in: Lip products and highlighter
New in: Accessories
Nyhavn and sight seeing
Maison d’Angleterre
In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks
a pleasant surprise
Temple kinda day: Let’s talk religion and today’s look
Thannu’s birthday celebration
Birthday preparation
Cafe Poulsen
clear your mind, watch the sky
Who says we have to grow up?
New skincare essentials and fragrane
Little Brother
My current products
Life at the moment
Cruella & Pie
Propaganda Kitchen & Wine
Sunday Reset Routine
Accessories from Pilgrim
Taking it slow
TB – A chill weekend with friends
Poland – Work Trip
Life ATM
a day in my life
Friday Reflection: Burned out?
What a weekend
a day in my life
My failed night routine
January reflection
Light & space – Copenhagen Contemporary
New readings
Friday Mood: Sunrise and a bunch of selfies!
I bought Danish books
Palm reading, chakras and manifestation
Sweet Saturday
I forgot why I was blogging
Mahaarani | Luxe
Sunday vibes with a traditional touch
10 things I do to take care of myself
Aaaand back to work!
Gratitude allows me to be happy
Grateful for where I’m at
My current beauty essentials
Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022: Redefining success
Holiday vibes
Merry Christmas
Home sweet home
There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy
Being sick sucks… oh & hello December!
Outfit of the day – Lisbon Edition
Outfit of the day – Alfama Edition
Birthday Celebration: Hello 30s!
Turning 30: I don’t have a plan
Halloween 2021 in Tivoli
I took a day off
My Birthday Look
Birthday Celebration #30
Accessories from & Other Stories
Lisbon diaries: May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears
Greetings from Lisbon
Sunday Vibes
Hello October
I dyed my hair again #newlook
A chill weekend with no plans
Fooling around with Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III
I bought myself flowers today
It’s the little things that counts
Happy Birthday & Congrats Arthu
Life at the moment
A crappy monday turned out to be a really good one
Don’t just exist. Live
I tried Moules Frites for the first time
Letz Sushi
Casesar salad & Cheesecake
Nothing a bit of shopping can’t fix
My Morning Skincare
Catching up with friends pt. 2
Catching up with friends pt. 1
Midwestern Diner
Chillin’ at the balcony
Fallin’ in love with Copenhagen
I tried J-Beauty Makeup from YesStyle
Torvehallerne KBH
Hi there
Goodbye Weekend. Hello new week.
10 ways to increase your energy and take care of your mental health
New fashion essentials from NA-KD
SS21 Collection
What keeps me going lately
Sushi, spicy soup noodle challenge and i dont know
Getting my life together
Currently listening to
BTS of NNÚRA’s new MV
Currently eating…
Embracing my natural hair and a simple makeup look
Shopping & Selfies
I need(ed) a break #LifeUpdate
A year older. A year bolder
Smile! It’s Saturday
Getting my life together
My curly hair routine
Be enough, for yourself first. The rest can wait.
What good are wings without the courage to fly
My 6.30 AM Morning Routine
Hello February
Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021
Home sweet home
Happiness is an inside job
Weekend Vibes
Your patience is your power
life goes on
Bulletjournal, reading & sunset
New Year’s Eve
another day in my life
You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach
Don’t just exist. Live.
Simple Saree Look
a day in my life
My comfort dessert
Letting my skin breathe
#DECEMBERDIARY25 – Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction
#DECEMBERDIARY24 – Merry Christmas!
#DECEMBERDIARY23 – Christmas preparation and baking
Good Food + Good Company = Good Life
Laughter is the language of the soul
#21DECEMBERDIARY – Julehygge and curly hair
Brunch at Hoppes Bar & Cafe
#20DECEMBERDIARY – Christmas Baking
almost full face of first impressions.
The water was glassy and calm, still candy-colored in the afterglow of sunset – Rømø part 3
#17DECEMBERDIARY – Wrap it up
#15DECEMBERDIARY – You are the last one, so be the best one
#14DECEMBERDIARY – The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain
You Got This! #Goodiebox
#13DECEMBERDIARY – Sunday Vibes
With gratitude we celebrate
#12DECEMBERDIARY – Chill Saturday
Exploring Copenhagen
Cafe Norden
#9DECEMBERDIARY – Experimenting
#8DECEMBERDIARY – Things to do in December
#7DECEMBERDIARY – Being strong.
Desserthuset & Dough Girls Doughnuts
#5DECEMBERDIARY – December Vibes
#3DECEMBERDIARY – Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers
#2DecemberDiary – Treating myself with some shopping
#1DecemberDiary – Hello December
Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully – Rømø Part 2
Broken or tired, feel the waves, the ocean has healing power – Rømø Part 1
Please don’t let me fall
get ready with me for a photoshoot while jamming to tamil music
Den uendelige bro
Sushi and dessert kinda day
It’s Sunday. Let’s recharge
Product Empties || Would I buy it again?
Show you how little I care
I come across as heartless even though my heart breaks