Cycle Syncing: What It Means to Adjust to Your Menstrual Cycle

I’ve been reading up on cycle syncing recently. I’ve noticed a lot of discussions about it on social media and wanted to understand it better.

Cycle syncing involves being aware of your energy and emotional state throughout your menstrual cycle. We are all different, and our bodies vary, so it’s about recognizing your own cycle and discovering what works best for you. While I’m not a professional on this topic, I encourage you to do your own research. However, I still felt like sharing what I’ve learned so far and my intentions going forward.

Syncing with your cycle means planning your activities, routines, habits, and everyday life around your cycle.

Firstly, you need to understand your cycle, including its duration and the different phases. There are several apps for tracking this. I use Clue, which works well for me. Currently, my cycle is 34 days, but remember, this can change each month. Mine hasn’t been very stable so far, likely due to some stressful days.

The menstrual cycle is divided into four phases:

  1. Menstruation: During this time, it’s important to rest and recharge. Prioritizing self-care and engaging in gentle workouts like yoga or going for walks is beneficial. Eating healthily is also crucial.
  2. Follicular phase: Increased energy characterizes this phase, making it ideal for weight lifting or strength workouts. It’s also a good time for handling challenging tasks at work for example.
  3. Ovulation: Energy levels peak during this phase, making it perfect for accomplishing big tasks and being social.
  4. Luteal phase: Energy levels decreases in this phase, so it’s best to focus on activities that don’t require much energy. Again, prioritize self-care and activities that make you feel good.

In general, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial. Sleep, hydration, rest, nutritious eating, and exercise are key elements. They may also help on PMS symptoms, so it’s worth considering during that time. Personally, I will try to be more mindful of this during PMS; meaning reflecting on my diet, sleep, and exercise habits.

Remember, we’re all different, and our cycles can change for each month. Again, I’m no professional and we need to adjust and readjust our lifestyles accordingly to what suits us best. I haven’t fully implemented habit adjustments based on the four phases yet, but it’s something I want to keep in mind moving forward. Understanding my body and needs better will allow me to be kinder to myself and vary my expectations from week to week. Instead of pushing myself with intense workouts constantly, I’ll incorporate calmer activities like yoga or walking. This shift will help me avoid burnout and feel more stable and satisfied with my overall performance in life.


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