Starting 2024 with 5 quotes to live by

I hope you all have an amazing start to 2024. For me, it’s neither good nor bad; I’m not really feeling it this year, but I’m trying, which is the most important part.

I don’t want to take this life for granted, and I want to make the best out of it with a lot of good memories. I want to feel at peace with myself and just be free and happy. So, I thought, to motivate myself, what better way is there than to share a few quotes that I’m taking with me into 2024

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I believe it’s crucial to constantly ‘reinvent’ or ‘recreate’ ourselves. We learn and grow every day, and going through constant change; the more we learn, the more we evolve, hopefully for the better. That’s why my focus is on becoming a ‘new’ or ‘better’ version of myself. A new era of me. I want to stop people-pleasing, apologizing, and over-explaining myself cause I’m always scared to be misunderstood, and simply live my life.

This year, my aim is to enjoy life and go with the flow, embracing whatever the universe brings my way.


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