Easy fun workout routine at home

I often change my workout routine because I sometimes get bored and demotivated, so I need to switch it up a bit. I went to the fitness center for some months, but then I kinda lost the motivation. Lately, I’ve been trying these 5 workouts from YouTube that I’ve been loving. My focus is on my belly and arms, so I start with a 5-minute abs workout followed by a 5-minute toned arms workout. I’m not a fan of abs and arm workouts. Leg workouts come easy to me, but the upper body is such a struggle. However, these two videos are amazing because they work; I can definitely feel it. At the same time, it’s only 5 minutes each, which is motivating when I usually don’t enjoy the workout as much:

If you do the workout slowly and focus on doing it correctly, I can assure you that your abs will be on fire! :P

This one is quite effective, and you can genuinely feel the challenge in your shoulders. As I mentioned, my upper body is weak, so these two exercises are really intense for me, even though it’s only a 5-minute workout.

After trying out the mentioned two videos, to add a bit of fun to my workout routine, I’ve started incorporating dance workouts! I absolutely love dancing. While I may not be skilled at it, I genuinely enjoy the activity. More than 10 years ago, there was a time when I danced a lot, and it made me feel good. I may not have been perfect, but the joy it brought me was undeniable.

However, due to my PTSD and anxiety issues my body gradually became stiffer. Whenever I attempt to dance or move freely, I experience feelings of humiliation and limitation. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. In an effort to fight this, I’ve turned to dance videos. The goal is to loosen up, enjoy the process, and have fun with it.

Currently, I find myself in a better mental state, making it easier for me to take on these challenges that I would typically avoid. My aim is to feel free both inside and out, and I believe that dancing could help me for both my physical and mental well-being.

This one is easy and fun and I love it!

After trying the previous routine, I’ve incorporated a cardio Latin dance workout into my routine, and let me tell you, even though no one is watching, I initially found it challenging since it was out of my comfort zone. However, this workout is an absolute blast!

I love this one; I forget that I’m exercising because I simply end up having a great time. My focus shifts to the steps and music rather than the thought of ‘working out,’ if you get what I mean.

At last, again due to my stiff body, I end my workout sessions with stretches that specifically target improving my posture:

I feel incredibly good and relaxed after this workout! I used to incorporate it into my routine back when I lived in Copenhagen, and it has remained one of my go-to stretches for the longest time.

So, this is my current workout routine, guys! It starts with abs and arms workout, followed by a bit of dance, jumping, and Latin dance. Finally, I wrap it up with some stretches and yoga poses. I’ve been feeling amazing following this routine, so I plan to stick with it for now! When I eventually get tired of it and feel the urge to try something new, then I’ll switch it up a bit


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