The greatest wealth is health

Hello guys!
I just went MIA for a sec here on the blog… all most a month actually. I’ve been sick the last two weeks and wasn’t able to do much. I got some infection/virus in my throat, fever and headache.. So I wasn’t able to work for a little over two weeks due to that and now I’m even more behind with all the things I want to and need to do. But the good thing is I’m feeling better today and I’m motivated to get my sh*t together. That means eating healthier, saving money, workout, work, blog and youtube. Also meditation, journaling, reading, singing and the list will go on. With that said; I wanna be more present with what I’m doing and enjoy all the things I have and do in life. I’m tired of running and catching up. I’m just gonna go with the flow and enjoy the little things from now on. As you can tell I have been tired, exhausted and now I just want to let go and take care of my health. I have everything I want in life. I feel very privileged and I dont want to take all the things I have for granted. I also don’t wanna work my a** off and get myself exhausted and stressed all the time. I want to have a healthy balance so I can be consistent with all the things I’m doing and create things with quality whether it is at my job/career or my creative space such as blogging, youtube and social media.

Today I’ve been taking it slow since I’ve been sick for some time now but I’ve also cleaned the apartment, done some laundry, grocery shopping and then fooling around with the camera after a long time. It has been a very productive day despite the fact that I’m just getting better again so I’m pretty satisfied. Tomorrow I’m gonna continue some cleaning and decluttering, update the blog and just relax so I can get back to my job on Monday properly :)


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