Hello February

Hi guys!
I feel so recharged, focused and inspired the past few days and it feels good! I don’t remember feeling this energetic and motivated for a long time. As I’ve told you in one of the previous posts I gave myself January to just reflect and recharge and do some goal setting and planning. Now it’s February and I think I have somehow a plan and an idea of how I want this month to be. I’m really focusing on my well-being, mental health and happiness and I think I need time for myself to practice healthier habits to feel better within myself. I’ve extended my morning routine, so I wake up 5.30 now and I workout for only 10 minuts (abs workout) and then I meditate for 15 minutes and then I journal and take a bath and get ready for work (that’s like the overall morning routine, there are some more details I’ll share with you later). Then after work I get home, I work on youtube and blogging, I clean, I relax, I workout again for 20 minutes and then I try to sleep at 22:00 ish. Also I get to walk 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon after work. I walk to the station just for the sake of listening to music, so I dont really feel like I’m working out or something :P

I spend this weekend planning, creating content, experimenting with photography, shooting and editing videos, working out, reading and I also tried to cook. I was craving Korean food and I’ve decided not to spend my money on takeaways so I decided to cook something myself. So the “easiest” Korean dish I could find that I also luckily was craving was Bulgogi. So I tried making Bulgogi for dinner and it was actually good! xD I think I spend more time finding the ingredient at the store (cause I didn’t know much about the ingredients on the list and some of it I’ve never heard of in my life) than cooking the dish xD haha!
Anyways.. So I’m trying new things and I’m working on myself and I’m looking forward for February! I hope I can be disciplined and consistent with my goals this month and that I can see progress at the end of this month!


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