Horseback riding in Vinales

Another favorite moment of mine in 2022 which was totally out of our comfort zone was when we went to Vinales in Cuba and did horseback riding. We were actually not prepared for this. The hotel staff arranged this for us, which was awesome btw. When we went there, the driver said a guide is ready for us and he has arranged a horseback riding sightseeing thing. We were all just looking at each other and thinking: no, not gonna happen. I’ve never been riding a horse in my life and I’m kinda scared of all animals, even bugs to be honest (pls don’t judge :P).

Anyways… I tried to skip the horseback riding part but the guide couldn’t understand my English properly and he kept on saying “not scary, you can do this” and at last he kinda convinced me. In this tour I was thinking at least 20 times that today is gonna be my last day, but luckily I survived :P And I am so happy that I tried this cause it ended up being one of the best experiences ever in my life. The view and sightseeing was so beautiful ad unique! I loved it! And it felt so good to do something that scares the hell out of me! I needed that!

Since we didn’t know this was part of what they had arranged, we all wore white sneakers which is NOT recommended :P Our sneakers was totally wasted after the horse riding tour..

Vinales is so beautiful. We also got to see how they make the tobaccos and coffee beans and after the horseback riding, they showed us how they make natural drinks through sugar beets. It tasted delicious! So refreshing!


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