My failed night routine

Hi guys!
I haven’t been uploading for months (7-8 months actually) :P I haven’t been motivated and I guess I just not really felt like editing and creating content for some time (I did update the blog and insta tho so I haven’t been “gone gone” :P). I guess I had to figure out if I actually wanted to vlog and I’ve had a hard time being consistent cause there has been so much.. you know life. Work is a huge part of my life and then I workout and try to be as social as I can. So yeah I didn’t feel like I had the time to prioritize videos too but now I finally feel like posting again so here we go! :) I hope you guys like this totally random night routine gone wrong cause I decided to go to McD and stay up late :P

MUSIC: Music by WABI SABI – snowflake –


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