January reflection

Hi guys!
Let’s do a monthly reflection shall we… January has been good to me. I feel good inside and out and I am working on myself and taking care of myself, my health and life. I am enjoying working, working out, reading, making my green juice and meditating and much more. I always feel motivated right after New Year. The challenge is to keep being consistent even in stressful times. I feel like I’m on a high at the moment cause I feel like life treats me well lately xD haha! As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been struggling with mental health, anxiety issues and just the pressure from society about how to live my life and where I’m supposed to be. I don’t know if it’s the 30s talking (I’m still not ok about being in the 30s now but let’s talk about that in another post) BUT I do really try to prioritize my needs and well-being a lot lately. I’m trying to be healthy. I haven’t ordered any takeouts in January. I’ve been doing yoga and meditation. It has been easier to stay focused and I am also doing a lot of healing work. I have also been catching up with friends, family and been social once or twice a month at least. This balanced calm life makes me feel good and blessed and I feel motivated and inspired to grow even more and evolve. As you can tell; January has been good. There are still things I can work on as learn to cook more, read more, work out more but you know it takes time and I feel like the progress in January has been good. I feel good. I hope February is going to be just as amazing or even better where I get healthier, am happier, more consistent with my habits and where i grow even more! <3 I hope you guys have had an amazing January as well and I hope your February will be good with a lot of growth and beautiful moments! Take care <3
Now let me show a bunch of random moments from January:


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