Tivoli Friheden & Burger Boom

What a day.. Today I got a birthday surprise where my boyfriend and friends took me to Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus and then for dinner at Burger Boom in Aarhus. I’ve been to Copenhagen Tivoli a couple of times, but I’ve actually never been to Tivoli Friheden. So this was my first time. Since it is October, it was Halloween season in Tivoli. At first we were walking around, then we went for some dessert and after then we were hanging out at Tivoli, where we tried a few rides and Halloween related games/rides and also we tried those games where you can win different teddy bears. I got two teddy bears today! After spending time in Tivoli which was very fun, we went out for dinner at Burger Boom. I’ve never been there before either. My favorite meal is burger so I was excited. The burger was delicious. I loved it. I’m definitely going there again! It has been such an amazing chill day with amazing company and now I want to get some sleep.


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