Cake tasting at Bake My Day

Yesterday, we went for cake tasting at Bake My Day. It was somewhat spontaneous; we hadn’t had the time to plan it properly. Also, since it’s in Copenhagen, we decided to get it done this weekend, as we’re a bit behind.

The cake tasting was really cozy! I loved it. It was nice to just chill at the cafe, eat cake, and discuss the different tastes. Surprisingly enough, we agreed very quickly on which cake we wanted! My boyfriend and I have very different tastes in general, so I thought this decision would be tough, but we both knew exactly what we wanted, and we both wanted the same one! <3 It was really fun, and I enjoyed every second of the experience! So now we can cross that off our to-do list, which is a relief because I was starting to feel a little stressed about the cake.

The cakes were delicious, and I loved the cafe. The interior, the desserts—it was just perfect. I would love to go there again and try their donuts and cupcakes!

Cake: 9/10
Interior: 9/10
Service: 6/10

After a lot of cake tasting, my sister and I took a 4-hour nap. My boyfriend had to go to work, so we ended up napping for hours xD It was just the perfect chill Saturday: delicious cake and a very long nap


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