Halloween 2021 in Tivoli

Hi guys!
A few days ago we got to go on a somehow spontaneous adventure :P I actually got home from work an hour early, and changed to my PJ, ate early dinner and was watching Friends on HBO. Then my friend just called and ask for all of us to hangout, since one of our friends were here in Copenhagen. So the plan was actually just to binge watch Friends and then sleep but I ended up hanging out with my friends instead. And I gotta say that was amazing! It was such an amazing day with great company, a lot of laughter and amazing view since we were to Tivoli! I have never seen Halloween in Tivoli up till now and it was so good! Also we tried a haunted house which was fun!! So yeah a lot of great memories. I loved it. I feel blessed and grateful to have friends like this <3


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