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It’s been a while since I’ve written a random ‘life lately’ blog post, and I just felt like reflecting today. Life is good. I’ve had 5 days off this week, and next week I’ll be working three days between Christmas and the New Year. I’m so ready for a new year. This year… yeah, I’ll write about that in another separate blog post :P

I have so many things I need to catch up on, and I feel like I need to declutter and clear my mind and space. I can already tell that this blog post will be all over the place. I apologize already :P

Don’t get me wrong; I’m so grateful for my life, but I can tell that this year I’m actually very exhausted. I was in the Christmas spirit until like a week ago or something. I’ve had a lot to think about regarding career, job, goals, health, and just the future. I need to take a deep breath and just be in the present moment. So lately I’m actually just taking it day by day; I’m spending time with loved ones, but I’m also taking time for myself because I feel like I need time for myself to really understand how I’m feeling.

I know it might sound totally depressing, but I’m not depressed or sad. I’m actually really happy about my life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stop and reflect and think about how I’m actually feeling inside. I guess I’m talking about my relationship within myself. This year has been one hell of a rollercoaster, and I guess I’ve just reached a point of exhaustion, which is pretty normal, especially up to the holiday. I think it’s pretty common to feel this way up to the holidays, and that’s also why I’m speaking up about it because it is okay to feel this way, and it is only temporary.

I’m still looking forward to Christmas Eve with loved ones and to celebrate New Year, but yeah, today I do feel a little off. But you know the thing is you can’t really feel or acknowledge how you are feeling or doing until you get a break. Up until now, I’ve had a bunch of to-do’s and plans so I couldn’t tell how I was actually feeling, but then when I get a break to just take a step back, that’s where I realize that I’m feeling exhausted and maybe also overwhelmed about life.

This just means, besides Christmas Eve and New Year, I’m going to take it a bit slow. I want to do some mindful inner healing peace work, some soul searching, I guess. I want to spend time for myself to get my spirit up again.

I’ve got a bunch of pictures for you guys of my life at the moment still; reading, enjoying the snow, eating, putting on makeup, selfies, nature, etc.


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