As you can tell from the title of this blogpost; I just turned 32 a couple of days ago and I’m not sure how I feel about it :P I feel like the older I get the more peaceful I get within myself. But you know I feel different everyday :P Sometimes I feel good about the age and sometimes I feel like I’m behind with everything in life. The good thing is that there are no rules to how to live your life; as long as you just follow the law ofc; then there are no right way to live life; so I’m probably doing all right.

I love where I’m at in life at the moment so I’m working on just staying present and enjoy life. The lessons are kinda always the same, but let me try to share 10 lessons learned; some of them are probably lessons I’ve mentioned before ;) I wanted to do 32 lessons but it feels like too much :P

  1. Stop worrying about things you cannot control (still struggling with this, but still a lesson). You cannot control everything, that’s life. You need to accept that.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others; they are not you and you don’t have same life experiences either to compare
  3. You never know what could happen, make sure to tell the people you love that you love them and show it
  4. Always listen to your gut feeling
  5. Saving money is important; you never know when you need it
  6. Communication can solve all most all of your problems
  7. It’s okay to disagree
  8. Listen to your own voice, and dont get too affected by the people around you
  9. Love without expecting. Give without expecting.
  10. You don’t owe anyone anything

Now let me show you a couple of photos from my birthday


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