Who says we have to grow up?

Hi guys
So I actually had no plans this easter holiday. I just wanted to spend time with my family and do nothing and just rest. And I did do all that; I spend time with my parents and I did rest a lot as well. This Saturday my sister decided to buy Tennis rackets so we can start play Tennis again. Then we decided to see if it was actually possible to go to the the tennis court that we used to to play at. It was all spontaneous so we didn’t have any proper workout clothing on :P Then we saw that the stadium was open, and we actually have several childhood memories from there so we went there and ran around like kids again and we also tried to play tennis at the stadium as well just to try it out the tennis rackets :P It was nice. I felt like a kid again. Nostalgic and fun. It feels good to have these moments where we can just be kids again for a second and have a good laugh and not take anything too seriously. I think we all need more of that in life.


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