Being sick sucks… oh & hello December!

Hi guys!
As you can tell by the title: I’m sick :( and it sucks.. i feel weak, tired, weak, exhausted and just weak.. I started getting sick Monday and it just got worse today. I went to work Monday and I was trying to convince myself that I’m good. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I had to turn myself in sick -.- Then Thursday I tried to convince myself again that I’m good now so I decided to work from home and then today I even felt worse so I had to turn in sick again after two hours -.-‘ fml

Luckily it’s not COVID. I took a quick test first and then Thursday I took a PCR test and both were negative. Also I went to the doctor today and got confirmed it’s just virus.

Do any of you guys also feel guilty when being sick? Like I feel like I have to push myself to do things and be productive or else I would feel guilty. So I try hard to work or do some practical things at home and then I just get worse. But it’s like I don’t feel like I can just lie in bed and do nothing. I feel like I’m wasting my time but… I’m sick so to get better I need to just lie in bed -.-‘

I’ve tried to like enjoy December even though I’m sick with good food, a lot of hot tea and good music and watching Netflix and HBO Max. But yeah I’m quite exhausted because I have got a cold and have fever and my head hurts. I really deeply hope I’ll get better during this weekend so I can get back to work again. Looking back at my pictures my life doesn’t look that bad even though I feel like shit :P haha
The photos are just iPhone photos with really minimal editing. A few of them do have filters on but yeah I just didn’t feel like editing the photos much this time (some of them are screenshot of videos and boomerangs btw :P)

My sister bought this gingerbread for me! It was delicious and kind of her! <3


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