Fooling around with Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III

Hi guys!
A week ago I spontaneously decided to buy a new vlog/blog camera. Actually this is mainly for vlogging but I think it will work well with the blog photography as well so far! I’ve read many reviews about this Canon Powershot G7 Mark III camera and I decided to go for it. It has been hard to vlog with the other big Canon camera I have so I wanted a small camera I can easily carry around so that’s actually one of the main reasons I bought this one and so far I love it! It is so light weighted and easy to work with and the quality of the videos and photos are amazing! And the auto focus works very well as well so I’m enjoying this camera and I’ve been recording vlogs as well so there is a lot of editing work to do now xD I cant wait to get started with more content. I needed something I can work fast with and this camera seems to help with the process being more efficient! I cant wait to experiment more with this camera!


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