A chill weekend with no plans

Hi guys,
This weekend has been really good. Nothing happened and I had no plans and that was like the best thing ever xD Lately I’m taking a lot of time off and trying to get my life together. This means I try to allow myself to only have plans one or two weekends in a month for the most part and sometimes not even that. It depends on how I’m feeling :P The other weekends are for resting and recharging. This weekend I worked out, did some shopping, cleaning, decluttering, rearranged a little bit in my room, I was experimenting a little with photography with my new camera, I vlogged, I updated the blog, I edited photos and took a few walks to enjoy nature with my sister. We also went out to get some dessert and green tea. It was so satisfying. I feel like I’m ready for a new week with work, fitness, singing class and some editing for blog and youtube! It has been an amazing weekend and I really needed this weekend to be exactly this: doing all most nothing. I have been watching a lot of Netflix this weekend. I just started watching “The Bold Type” which I really love. I just finished watching “Sex and the city” on HBO and I needed like a new “chick-flick” kinda series and I found this one. And then I’ve been eating delicious food and dessert and shopping for the apartment and clothes too for work. Also I bought a new book: I bought Atomic Habits. I’ve already listened to this book but I haven’t read it and I feel like listening to a book and reading it is two different things and I prefer doing both :P so I got the book! Since I’ve already listened to it I know that I’m gonna love it! It’s one of those books you can read again and again.
But yeah life is amazing. I feel good. This weekend has been good to me. Now let me show you my weekend in pictures:


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