Home sweet home

Hi guys!
I am enjoying my Christmas holiday lately. It has been good to be back home at my parents’s place. I really needed this. My holiday started like 3 days ago and I’ve tried my best to relax, spend time with family and enjoy the food and Christmas vibe. I gotta admit at first I felt it was hard to enjoy the holiday cause I start making a to-do list and planning as usual for the whole holiday and then I got stressed out because I had so much I wanted to do and then I decided to cut the crap and relax :P I have a few practical things I want to do but I really just want to enjoy this time instead of stressing about goals, planning and what I “should” be doing and exhaust myself with to-dos and goal settings. I’m trying to give myself a break to really understand what I want and what is important :)

With that said I’ve been enjoying: full moon, fruits, yoga, meditation, journaling, amma’s homecooked meals, quality time with family, spending time catching up with Arthu and Thannu, Christmas shopping with Arthu and Thannu and then chilling at cafes after shopping. Oh and also just today we got our nails done for the first time. I’ve never in my life got my nails done so I thought it was time so I finally got to try that as well :P Would I do it again? Yeah, I mean it usually is very expensive ish but we found a place where the price is ok. I still feel like it’s a lot for just nails but I stil did enjoy it and I dont think we can get it any cheaper anyways :P haha

Anyways.. life is good. I feel good and I’m just embracing these last few weeks before New Year <3 Take Care! <3


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