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When I started using makeup, MAC was my first proper product that I was really satisfied and happy with. Delany helped me find my shade and introduced me to the brand, and I loved it right away. Today, many brands offer a variety of shades for brown skin tones, making it more common, but back then, it was still kind of hard to find the perfect shade when being brown. MAC was amazing at this, and so MAC products definitely hold a special place in my heart. I love the quality, and you can never really go wrong with MAC, I feel like. Throughout the years, I’ve tried several amazing brands, but I thought I would share MAC products that I’ve been loving throughout my years of using makeup.

The MAC foundation has amazing coverage, and I think I’ve bought at least 5-6 of the Powder Plus Foundation product because it is so good! My shade is NC43 and NC44.

My all-time favorite lipliner is still Mahogany from MAC. The MAC concealer is one I’ve bought several times, and I’m definitely going to buy it again! Their blush looks amazing on brown skin tones – love it!

I have several MAC lipstick faves: Persistence, Marrakesh, and Taupe are some of my go-to shades.

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