Birthday Celebration at Toscana Restaurant

A few weeks ago, we got to celebrate Thuva’s birthday. It turned out to be quite embarrassing for me actually, as I called Thuva on that very day to ask her if she could help me find a wedding dress that day. She told me that she already had plans but would be free later in the day and she really wanted to join me. After some back and forth, she gently revealed that it was her birthday and that’s why she had plans until later. I felt incredibly stupid and embarrassed. How could I forget her birthday and call her on that very day for wedding-related matters? Rest of our conversation consisted of me apologizing and feeling embarrassed. However, Thuva was incredibly gracious and understanding. She laughed it off and reassured me that it wasn’t a big deal. I’m truly grateful for friends like her who handle my mistakes with such grace and humor xD

After realizing my fail, I quickly wished Thuva a happy birthday and suggested celebrating after her plans. Thankfully, she agreed! We went out for a lovely dinner to celebrate her special day. Later, we headed to my place where I attempted to create a “cake”-thing out of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, completed with a candle for her to make a wish.

After the celebration, and when she got home, she wrote the nicest message to me about how happy she was for the “cake”-thing, and these are the kind of memories she loves to cherish forever. It melted my heart. She was so happy and truly showed gratitude, which made me feel even more stupid and like the worst friend ever. But despite that, we had an amazing time, and it was so much fun!

It was our first time at this restaurant, and we absolutely loved it. The food was delicious! I would definitely go there again!

Food: 4/5
Interior: 4/5
Service: 4/5


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