Amazon Kitchen Finds WishList

Hi guys
I’ve been so addicted to the Amazon finds content lately and I thought I want to share my Kitchen finds wishlist. I just assigned to be a part of Amazon Associate, so this blogpost contains affiliate links to all the interesting products I’ve found! :)

I love a good mug for my tea, and I found these cute ones from Amazon that I’m really considering of buying:

I also found glasses that has this “aestetic vibe” that is trending on Instagram :P And then I found some plates that matches the white mug above that I really love:

One of the Kitchen items that I’m looking for is a prettier pant set for cooking and I’ve seen these on Instagram and Youtube and I’ve wanted them ever since:

The above mentioned are definitely favorites that I’m probably gonna buy after saving up some more money :P But beside that I also found these cute salt and pepper shakers set, air fryer disposable (less cleaning work if I use these), organization for the fridge, and thing to cut veggies and then a stacktable for onions which I think is pretty genius :P It also looks pretty and I can have something above the table as well which is nice:

I have so many things I wanna share from Amazon so I’ll wait with the rest and keep this post to only kitchen essentials :P

This blogpost contains affiliate links


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