Getting into routines again and getting my life together

Hey guys! 

I haven’t been very consistent with anything lately and I’ve tried not to put too much pressure on myself to be honest. It has been all most two months since I moved back to Jutland. Also I’ve been here since the end of January at my parents place due to my dad and then moved in March. Due to.. life I guess; I’ve just got out of all routines and it has been kinda messy. After moving to Jutland, my main focus was to get a proper routine with my work. I’ve been on sick leave for some time now.. I think over a year at least due to my PTSD… so I’ve worked 26 hours weekly, sometimes less and then slowly increased the hours till 32 weekly and now I’ve decided to get reported healthy and trying to work fulltime (36-40 hours weekly) at the same time that I’ve been moving from Copenhagen to Jutland.

I needed to find a balance between being there for my family, getting back on working full time again, working on myself and getting settled in a new place. I also changed office from Copenhagen to Aarhus so that meant new location, taking the train everyday and new colleagues. I actually thought I would be feeling more overwhelmed with everything than I have been. But I think it helped to not put too much pressure on myself and then just take it day by day and adjusting and re-adjusting so I could make my everyday work. 

I feel more and more settled for everyday and the more I feel settled the more determined I am to get a more consistent lifestyle. I want to workout 4 times a week, eat healthier, read more, declutter and clean more and most importantly: BLOG MORE :) I haven’t been consistent with blogging and I really want to have a more proper consistent way of working on the blog so I dont attack you guys with like 5-10 posts a day or two (this is the scenario for today btw :P) and then I’m gone for a month or two :P haha 

My dad is getting much better too. This also gives me energy to keep going with life and to focus on myself and work on myself. I thought it might help to put my plan out here on the blog to motivate you guys but to also try harder to stick to my TODOs and motivate myself :) 

What I’m striving for right now is:

  • Workout at least 4 times a week
  • Read everyday
  • Spend less money
  • Declutter and clean everyday
  • Blogposts: Every Sunday,Tuesday and Thursday (If I feel like posting more, I can do that ofc)
  • Every second weekend: No plans, recharge, relax, detox day (mentally) :P —> this one is not always realistic since there are months with several birthday celebrations and plans in a row, but I want to try to at least have two weekends off every month if possible.

That’s it for this blogpost guys! Take care! <3 I’ll update you guys about what I’ve been up to with several blogposts probably today :P But first: I want to go buy myself some flowers. It’s Sunday; I’m allowed to :P haha. Take care! <3 I hope you all have an amazing Sunday <3


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