Let’s slow down a bit

I feel like lately that I’m just rushing through life and feeling stressed for no reason. Like I dont know what I’m in such a hurry for and; what is the rush? whyyyy? I feel that sometimes work and goals take over so that I forget to slow down and enjoy the current beautiful moment. All that I have right now is something I’ve been dreaming about. Not that life is perfect, but it is really beautiful and I’m grateful and happy with life. I forget to embrace the little things… those precious moments…

I need to remind myself to slow down… I think it is pretty normal to feel this way when you are in between the “hustle-work-hard kinda life” and “slow-down-work-smart kinda life” :P I feel like a lot of us are in a transition-mode where we prioritize our wellbeing, health and loved ones more.. or at least for me that’s the case.. and I do believe it’s a healthy change or mindset. But since we are so used to the “go go go work hard”-lifestyle it is easy to fall back into that way of living. Also because you dont need to deal with anything emotionally when you are in a rush and need to get things done all the time. It’s not healthy but it is kinda the easy way out.

I have a lot to work on for myself due to therapy, mental health, but also due to a bunch of changes in general with moving, new home and new office, new city etc. I’m not like overwhelmed by it as I thought I would and it has been really good for me.. but I can definitely feel that I need to slow down a bit, and give myself space and time to adjust and reflect and most importantly to just enjoy and embrace <3

I got some photos of a very lazy day where I felt guilty for not doing much but looking back it was really relaxing and I got to relax and I did slow down this day and I would love to do more of it:


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