10 ways to increase your energy and take care of your mental health

Lately I’ve been focusing a lot on my mental health. There have been weeks where I’ve been doing really well and then there have been weeks where I feel exhausted, out of routines and I just feel like I don’t care to be honest. And the sad part is I get to that point when I actually need it the most to take care of myself. I get too stressed and exhausted and then I end up forgetting to take care of myself and prioritize other tasks as work tasks and deadlines, blogging deadlines etc. So today I tried to write down which things I should do to make myself feel happier, more positive and energetic so I can keep going and do all the things I love in life!

1. Journaling

We all have things to worry about. I guess it’s natural at times to worry about your future or reflect on the past and it’s okay to some extend. But it is so important to live in the present moment, cause that’s the only thing we have right now. I’m an overthinker and I worry too much, so to try to stop doing that and to enjoy my life and live in the present moment I try to write everything down that I feel. When I then close my journal, I’ve let it all out and I can move on with my life and try not to think about all that during the day (still working on it).

2. Meditation

Meditation has really helped me stay balanced and grounded. I feel more calm and less stressed whenever I meditate. I think it’s the best way to start off your day. I can definitely tell a difference on my days when I have and have not meditated. It’s something I would love to be better at and it’s a beautiful journey. Everyday when I wake up the only must to do I have in my morning routine is meditation.

3. Workout

I gotta admit, I’m still struggling with this one but workout really makes me feel better and way more energetic! It lifts my mood in no time! I do yoga in the morning and I walk 20 min to the station for work and when I’m off work. Beside that I’ve just started some challenges like abs challenge, plank challenge and jump rope challenge to make sure I move. I sometimes do feel lazy and skip workout but I regret it every time since I can feel a difference in my mood whenever I skip working out.

4. Read

Reading is also one I would highly recommend. I have my times where I read a lot and then there are weeks or months where I dont read as much as I want to. I’ve tried to say at least read 10 pages each day and then I for the most part end up reading more. I love to read self-development and spiritual or mindfulness books that makes me feel inspired and motivated!

5. Paint/Draw

This is something I would love to do a lot more. I’m not really good at drawing or painting but I love to do it anyways. It makes me feel relaxed and is so peaceful and I love it!

6. Get Dressed

It’s ironic that I’m sitting here writing about getting dressed when I’m still in my PJ right now :P haha!
But there is a bigger chance to get things done and feel more good about yourself and energetic when we get ready and then we also feel like we are ready to seize the day! (I’m gonna go get dressed after this blogpost. I promise)

7. Cook a healthy meal

I found out this year that I actually do enjoy cooking a meal which really doesn’t sound like me at all. I used to hate being in the kitchen. But there is something about cooking a home cooked meal, it makes you feel safe and warm and cosy! I love it! I’m still no expert in the kitchen but I’m working on it and I’m enjoying it!

8. Clean your space

One of the things that lifts my energy, my mood and motivates me is cleaning my space. When my space, home, apartment is clean I feel way more energized and motivated to get things done.

9. Get some fresh air

One of the ways to quickly lift your mood is also going out and enjoy nature! Go for a walk, enjoy the sunset or sunrise, look at the stars, look at the skies.. This really help me see the bigger picture of life if that makes sense. Sometimes we are all just so much in our heads and it’s hard to see what is just in your head and what is actually going on. Moments like this, when I just get some fresh air I feel more clear in my mind. It’s so peaceful and it makes me appreciate life a little bit more when I enjoy nature.

10. Treat yourself

This could be different for all of us! For example buy yourself flowers! Or buy your favorite dessert, drink or food! Take yourself out on a date! Go shopping! Buy the shoes you’ve been wanting for so long! Or buy yourself a book. I did that last week; I wanted to treat myself so I went to the bookstore and bought myself new books and I loved it! Of course you need to be responsible with your finances as well but I dont think it’s bad to treat yourself once in while still <3


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