The water was glassy and calm, still candy-colored in the afterglow of sunset – Rømø part 3

Hi guys!
Okay so if I have to pick one moment that was very special in 2020 I would say this part. We went to Rømø back in Summer and the day in general was amazing. But there’s was something beautiful and calm about watching the sunset and the view after sunset. The water, the sky, the atmosphere.. everything was so calm and peaceful. We were all enjoying the beauty of nature, taking pictures, fooling around and it’s funny.. how amazed and happy we all were at this very moment. I forgot all my worries and I was so amazed about how beautiful this moment was. It felt so unreal, magical and satisfying. It felt like healing to be there… there was just something about it that day.. that moment..

It was such a beautiful day… I wish I could re-live this very moment <3


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