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Time for a life lately post! :) My summer vacation just started and I thought I would share what I’ve been up to until then. I’ve been working a lot right before summer vacation because I’m finishing this project and moving on to a new project after summer holiday; this means I have to hand over all my tasks and give status etc. I also wanted to finish off a lot of tasks before moving to another project. Beside that I’ve been working from home a lot because I’ve been struggling with some stomach pain. This summer I need to go to the doctor to figure out what is up; I think I might be allergic for some food. I’ve been reading up on “low fodmap diets” to see if maybe that will help. So far in my research I feel like I cant eat anything pretty much; like of all the food I’m eating, so I need to make a plan. My boyfriend suggested that I start eating clean and with less various food and then see what I’m reacting on; then I can add and remove depending on however I’m feeling. The doctor has also said that maybe have IBS or maybe I just have a very sensitive stomach. But yeah I’m still working on this part, cause I dont know much yet, but I know that low fat foods might be a good idea :)


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