Nothing a bit of shopping can’t fix

Hi guys!
I had like 2 weeks of.. no let me start over.. I actually had 3 weeks of a fully scheduled summer holiday where I wanted to meet up with all of my friends and catch up. The first 2 weeks went well and then I got exhausted. Lately I’m a lot more aware of how I’m feeling and my needs. I realized that if I kept on going with plans and am on a schedule I’m gonna get even more exhausted and my body and my mental health do not need that right now. Usually as a people pleaser I would push myself to satisfy all my friends and also so my friends do not feel less prioritized because I suddenly had to take some time off again due to my exhaustion. I dont want them to get the wrong idea so I would put my needs aside. But this time was very different. This 3rd week I wrote to all of my friends Monday that I need time off again and that I’m exhausted and need to relax at home with no plans. You know what was the most amazing part: No one took anything personally (as far as I know xD haha). They were mostly understanding, and writing sweet messages and one of my close friends even wrote to me that this change looks good on me: me taking care of myself and listening to my needs and how my body is feeling right now. It’s a new side of me and she likes it. That really lifted up my mood and I’ve tried to relax this week without any guilty feelings. I did feel bad at first but I cant be there for anyone if I’m not there for me you know. So I’ve had this week off for myself and this is exactly what I needed! And yesterday I felt like treating myself so I went for a little shopping where I bought a new set of comfy clothes from H&M. I bought 2 new books since I finished one of my books that day xD Also I bought candles and incense. I’ve been reading a lot about spirituality and cleansing and I haven’t tried to use incense but I’ve been wanting to so I bought some from Urban Outfitters.


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