A year older. A year bolder

Hello guys!
I’ve been caught up with life lately with work, working on myself, taking time off and just taking it day by day. It feels healthy and I feel good. Since we are still kinda in lockdown there’s not much of a social life and also not only because of that; also because I’m kinda just focusing on myself, my health and my lifestyle lately. But last weekend Thannu had birthday and of course we had to celebrate! I decided to try to bake a cake with Amma and it turned out okay when thinking it was my first time baking and decorating an icing cake. But yeah it wasn’t like perfect and like 100 % beautiful but it was ok :P Haha
My sister and I couldn’t agree on what cake to bake so we made one each by ourselves and also Thannu and her mom made one which we didn’t know so we ended up with 3 cakes :P I wanted to make a white cake, very basic with colored layers inside of the cake and yeah it turned out ok :P let me show you a snippet of Thannu’s birthday, the cakes and just some random life shots and selfies :P


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