February recap – Life lately

Life at the moment

Hi guys <3
As I’ve kinda overall mentioned in the previous post on the blog; I’ve had a lot on my plate the past 4-5 weeks with family and last week I started to slowly work again. My dad is getting better, which gives me more energy and I think it is time to slowly get back into some healthy routines while being there for my family of course. It has been tough but I want to focus on the positive and embrace the small things.

I’m grateful for my family, friends, work and my life in general. I’ve been trying to meditate and workout a little and I have been enjoying the sunsets here cause they have been so colorful lately. I’ve also tried to work on some more content but I didn’t feel like posting until now. I’ve been exhausted this week so I’m taking it slow. I’ve also been experimenting with makeup and hair since I’m working from home and I sometimes just need a break from reality. Blogging and content creation helps me focus on something else and makes me happy, and I need that to keep on going with life and to stay positive and energetic :)

Let me share some moments with you all :) <3


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