Hi guys!
I have a few moments from November-December that I wanted to share with you before 2021! Due to COVID I haven’t spend a lot of time socially, like spending time with friends and family. I actually ended up cancelling pretty much everything the last 2 months. I’ve been hanging with a few friends who lives nearby us in Copenhagen that we often see and if I go to my parents’s place I make sure to take a test before I go, just to be safe. I have been enjoying this time though. There has been a lot of things going on internally I feel like: a lot of reflection about me, who I am, how I’m feeling and my life. It has been exhausting but quite healthy as well. I’ve been taking walks, working, reading books, practicing mindfulness and taking selfies :P That has pretty much been my life lately xD Even though the circumstances are the way they are, I am trying my best to make the best out of life and being grateful for all that I have <3


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