My Temple Look & Product List

Yesterday I went to the temple with my parents…yup.. I was vegetarian on a Saturday on my own free will.. who am I? I’ve been going to the temple more often lately. It gave me a lot of peace back when my dad was at the hospital, and since then I’ve been going more often to get peace and also to show my gratitude. I feel like it is a healthy way to spend quality time with my parents and I also get a break from life. Beside praying, showing my gratitude, spending quality time with my family and also being vegetarian; I also got to take photos of my look! It took me a lot of time to find an outfit that I felt comfortable in, so I had like 10-15 minutes to get makeup done and I wanted to show you the look and share my products as usual <3

Let me show you the look with no editing first:

Products used for this look:

With some editing cause I love editing photos and experimenting <3


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