Your patience is your power

Hi guys!
I thought it was time for a life update since I’ve been a little on and off on social media, blogging and youtube :P
I’m actually just trying to figure out life and taking care of my health lately beside working. It feels good to like take a break and reflect on life and where I’m at. I finally have a somehow proper morning routine these days. I journal, meditate, drink water, take my vitamins, listen to podcast, read (not every morning though), plan the day, get some breakfast (some of the days) and I get ready for work. I go to work some days and work from home some days as well due to COVID. Beside my morning routine I just make sure to do what I can at work and that’s it. I still need to have a workout routine and evening routine but you know: one step at a time <3 I hope you’re all doing well as well! Now some moments of my life lately: reading, walk and nature aaaaand selfies:


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