Catching up with friends pt. 1

Hi guys!
Since everything has been opening up and we all are getting vaccinated and also I felt like I had the energy again to be a little social I’ve started to catch up with friends again. I’m trying to take it slow though cause I easily get exhausted if I have too many plans at once. It actually have been feeling so good to catch up with friends. I’ve missed the random talks, laughter, good food and just good company! I’m not really a phone person, and moving to Copenhagen have made it hard to keep contact with everyone properly. Luckily my friends know it is nothing personal and are very understanding, so I’m taking my time. Anyways here are some moments that I thought I would share with you guys. We went out to eat, and we also were chillin at Islands Brygge, and then we went for a walk as well. We also met up the next day and bought McD and were just sitting outside enjoying the sunny weather and catching up. It was nice:


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